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Driver Behaviour

Your businesses could slash fuel costs by up to 15%.

Driver behaviour monitoring has a frighteningly positive impact on fuel costs. By collecting data such as speed, acceleration, braking and cornering, we provide fleet managers with insights that pinpoint how fuel is being wasted. By identifying costly driving styles and the individuals who are most likely to practice them, you can provide the relevant driver training exercises to reduce the risk that they pose to your vehicles, themselves, and other road users.

With our driver behaviour solution, your vehicles can be fitted with our in-cab Light-bar which provides real-time visual and audible notifications when drivers aren't driving in a fuel-efficient manner. By encouraging safer and more fuel-efficient driving, your businesses could slash fuel costs by up to 15%.

Fuel efficient driving means safe driving and according to road safety charity, RoSPA, businesses can reduce accident rates by over one third with driver behaviour monitoring.

Driver behaviour monitoring

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