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Bespoke Vehicle Tracking Solutions

One size doesn't always fit all. This is why we offer a bespoke solution, tailored for your exact requirements.

At PBS Telematics we take the time to learn about your business to formulate a solution based on your needs and requirements. Once our experts have looked over all of the facts we then tailor the hardware and software needed to provide you with a guaranteed plan on how to achieve your goals. We provide a free no obligation quote for the project which is itemised and accurate. We pride ourselves on not being just like all of the other vehicle tracking companies in that we believe your requirements are paramount.

This product can be designed and adapted to take other devices plugged into your vehicle or Asset.

This maybe a Generator in a remote location that will alert you when its running low on fuel, or a vehicle that carries bulk haulage around the world that you require to know the weight of the cargo at certain times.

You may also have a standalone Dash-cam that you wish to plug into your tracking device. If you have a device, we can develop the software to link it into your tracker.

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At PBS Telematics customer service is paramount. We have over 30 years experience providing business telecommunication solutions for individuals and vehicles. We provide advanced vehicle telematics, dash cams and tracking solutions.

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