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Intelligent Telematics

Protect your vehicles with the most advanced 3G Vehicle Cameras in the world.

Intelligent Telematics provide real-time solutions that allow our Clients to mitigate these potential additional costs to their business, act in compliance with regulatory and duty of care requirements, and fulfill our collaborative goal of social responsibility.

Intelligent Telematics currently operate in the UK, Europe, Australia, South Africa, Middle East and the USA providing Fleet Operators, Insurance Brokers, Insurance Companies, Claims Management Companies and Global Tracking Companies with intelligent vehicle tracking solutions.

If your business has encountered such problems, or is looking to put in place ‘best practice’ procedures from the start, then PBS Telematics can provide the necessary Fleet Risk Management solutions to fulfill this, through their depth of expertise and knowledge gained by colleagues who have in excess of 20yrs in the Vehicle Camera, Telematics, Insurance Broking, Insurance Claims and International Business fields.

Intelligent Telematics

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About PBS Telematics

At PBS Telematics customer service is paramount. We have over 30 years experience providing business telecommunication solutions for individuals and vehicles. We provide advanced vehicle telematics, dash cams and tracking solutions.

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